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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Concierge

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With a wealth of experience marketing commercial real estate in the digital space, Biproxi is proud to introduce Marketing Concierge, a commercial real estate marketing package. Using our proprietary technology and proven methodology, we deploy strategic CRE marketing campaigns to sell your property faster.

Levels of Service
Marketing Concierge Limited - Biproxi will run comprehensive email campaigns to our internal database continuously honing in on the most engaged users. There is no upfront cost for this service and a 0.5% fee charged at close if closed with a Biproxi lead.

Marketing Concierge Complete - Biproxi will run comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaigns across digital, social and email. We guarantee 50 contacts of like-kind property owners and include professional property photography or aerial drone photography depending on your needs. This package is $1,000 upfront and is reimbursable at close from the 0.5% fee paid to Biproxi if closed with a Biproxi lead.

Biproxi will create, manage, and optimize a multi-channel commercial real estate marketing campaign for your property to generate meaningful leads.

If you have any questions about Marketing Concierge, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Our team is standing by.

Completely Custom

At sign-up a designated Marketing Strategist will be paired with you and your property/ies. That Marketing Strategist will work to understand your asset/s to create a custom campaign to expose your listing to the right buyers at the right times.

Real Time Leads

Once we've received the okay to go live with your campaigns you will begin receiving leads in real time. When a lead inquires about your property, you'll be notified directly by email.

Ongoing Optimization

As your campaigns run, we'll learn who responds to your listing and our advertising efforts. With this, we will hone-in on the ideal buyer.

How It Works

Discovery Call

Once matched with a dedicated Marketing Strategist, a discovery call will be scheduled at your convenience. In this 15 minute call we will review the property details to ensure we're positioning your listing for success.

Campaign Design & Launch

Your Marketing Strategist will work with our design and data team to put together a multichannel marketing campaign for your property. This process typically takes 5 business days. Once done, we will present a marketing package proposal for your review and approval.

Campaign Reporting & Optimization

We will send weekly reports reviewing our marketing services and provide insight into ad performance. Leads will be delivered straight to your inbox as they come in real-time.

At closing, we collect 0.5% from the buyer side (adjustable broker/buyer split based preference).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I advertise my commercial real estate?
When marketing commercial real estate there are countless options to get the word out. The classic marketing combination is to place your listing on commercial real estate listing websites like and make calls and send emails to your SOI (sphere of influence). However, to proactively market a listing and target the audience most likely to purchase your asset, there are a number of other options that top agents are tapping into. Towards the top of the list for proactive marketing are pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, paid social media campaigns and advertising on industry news sites and blogs. With all of these you're able to market your commercial real estate listing to a targeted group of buyers most likely to purchase the asset.

How do you market commercial real estate?
Marketing commercial real estate requires informed marketing efforts, precise targeting and, preferably, experience working with the asset type in question (though, this isn't mandatory). Commercial real estate marketing starts similarly to residential -- ensure your listing is posted on all the commercial real estate listing websites and reach out to your sphere of influence. From here, however, next steps are less obvious. As mentioned above, if you want to join the top ranks of CRE agents, proactive marketing is a must as it will differentiate you from your competitors. You should be running pay-per-click campaigns, paid social media campaigns and advertising on industry news sites and blogs. Alternatively, you can use a commercial real estate marketing services like Biproxi. We will run your PPC campaigns, paid social campaigns, and identify industry partners that can be leveraged to show your listing off to the right buyers.

Does Facebook advertising work for Realtors?

Yes. Advertising on social media has become an extremely crowded world, but targeted advertising with continuous optimization can offer serious returns on the dollars you're spending. You're able to market commercial real estate to a targeted audience, learn who that audience is through demographic reports offered on the Facebook advertising platform and further hone your targeting till you produce the perfect buyer for your client. As an added benefit, the more you run commercial real estate marketing campaigns on social media, the more efficient your future campaigns will become as you can incorporate learnings from previous marketing efforts into future campaigns.

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