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Let Biproxi build a digital listing flyer that highlights your property’s best features, coupled with a collection of Instagram posts to set your listing apart. Select the theme that best fits your style!

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Turnaround time: 24 hours

How it Works
1) Order Online answering a few short questions at checkout.
2) Our design team will create your listing flyer and social posts.
3) The custom designs will be delivered straight to your inbox.

If you have any questions about ordering a Listing Flyer, please use the form at the bottom of this page. Our team is standing by.

Quick Delivery

With a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time from the moment your order is placed, know your custom flyers and social templates will be arriving shortly after purchase.

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  • With a dedicated support team to answer all your questions, know that we're here to help. If you have questions, we have answers.

How it Works

Order Online

Fast and secure online ordering allows you to place your order in minutes. Answer a few short questions and upload your property photo at checkout and the Biproxi team handles everything thereafter. You can step back and focus on your client.

Professional Design Services

With a team of professional designers you can be confident that your property flyers and social templates will stand out. As soon as we receive the order we'll assign a designer to your project and they will begin design on your flyer and social templates.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We stand by our product. If, for any reason, there are changes needed, your dedicated designer will work with you do adjust the flyers and templates to meet your exact needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you market real estate?
There are countless strategies available to the real estate agent when it comes to promoting their property or their services. A classic and proven strategy is using real estate flyers. Flyers for real estate are an age old strategy and, as with everything, consistency is key in deploying this marketing technique. When designing a real estate flyer be sure that your property is highlighted in as attractive a manner as possible and that every flyer design is consistent with your brand. One way to ensure consistency with realty flyers is to use a template - view Biproxi's offerings and choose a style that works best for both your brand and your listings.

What should a real estate flyer include?
A good real estate flyer will include the high level details that allow a buyer to quickly assess if they should take a closer look at the offering. Typically flyers for real estate will include price, high quality property photography, the listing address, square footage, cap rate (if applicable) and a property description with property highlights (bullet points help!). Ask yourself what is it that an eventual buyer would most likely be interested in and be sure to include this information on your real estate flyers.

Where do you put real estate flyers?

Before placing your real estate flyers anywhere, be sure the local policy allows you to place your flyer wherever you're about to drop it! With that being said, there are a number of great places to leave your real estate flyer. First, if the building you're advertising with the flyer has good vehicle or foot traffic, place a box with flyers outside the building. This is targeted marketing -- anyone who picks up this real estate flyer is local to the building and has shown an express interest in the property through the action of taking a flyer. Beyond this, your real estate flyers can and should be sent digitally to the segment of your sphere of influence who would be most likely to purchase the asset in question.

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